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Best head gasket sealer

Head gaskets are hard mechanical seals or packing’s used between cylinder heads and engine blocks in machines to prevent leakages of fluids or gas while under compression. They are relatively inexpensive, yet, replacing them could cost you so much.

When your car’s head gasket gets blown, fixing the leakage in the head gasket may even be hard for your automobile mechanic. However, abandoning it will further cause damage to your engine, resulting in more expenses.

But a quality gasket sealer can do a quick job with less downtime until you can replace the defective gasket. Then you ask, “How to know the best sealer that will perfectly work for me amidst hundreds of head gasket sealants in the market?”

What are head gasket sealers?

A typical head gasket sealer is a strong adhesive that comes in glue, spray or paste form which when applied to surface of leakage on a head gasket, seals it up and stops the escapes of oil, water or gas. There are many brands of head gasket sealants in automobile stores, retail stores online and at physical locations.

We have put together this piece to help you in getting one for your car or any type of machine which uses a gasket.

Top 5 Best Head Gasket Sealer

1. BlueDevil 38386 Head Gasket Sealer

BlueDevil 38386 Head Gasket Sealer Taking into consideration the quantity and attested quality, its relatively inexpensive price and good user reviews, this product comes topmost on our list.

Why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for the repair of your old car’s engine gasket when you can fix it with the under $70 Blue Devil sealer? It is a good alternative for time and money gulping repairs.

For a low-end product, this versatile 32-ounce engine and cooling sealant comes with a radiator flush of the same measurement.

The product is one of the few sealants which seals without any need for addition of particles. Upon application, it forms a permanent fix on leaking gaskets, radiators, heater cores and freeze plugs, saving you money from replacing the faulty components.

The adhesive comprises of strong chemical weld. With this sealant, you can perform a quick DIY fix on your engine. All that it requires is that you follow the instructions. This BlueDevil sealant can seal aluminums, alloys, plastics and metals. It is compatible for both diesel and gas engines of any automobile. It doesn’t cause clogs in your engine and contains no particulates.

However, process of application may cost at least two hours downtime. That’s still relatively fair, considering other products may take you up to a day at least.

In addition, it is hard to get money back from manufacturers in case product fails. Notwithstanding, this product has an incredible success rate. If you attempt a DIY repair with this adhesive, if it works, you save $1,000 of repair cost at the mechanic’s store. And if it doesn’t work (which rarely happens), you only lose 60 bucks.

You should also note that Blue Devil doesn’t authorize sales of its products to online retail stores such as eBay and Amazon.

What you would like

  • Can fix head gasket problems permanently
  • Product is 100 percent guaranteed
  • It has a success rate of 95 percent
  • It is relatively cheap
  • It adds several thousands of miles to your car’s life
  • It is multi-functional
  • Highly recommended by users
  • Instructions are straightforward
  • Easy for none-auto experts to use
  • Product is compliant to ASTMI D3147 and ASTMI D1181

What you may dislike

  • Works only for 4 and V6 cylinder engines
  • Warrantee and guarantees only limited to products purchased directly from Blue Devil


2. Bar’s Leaks 24-ounce Head Gasket Fix

Bar's Leaks 24-ounce Head Gasket FixWith Bar’s Leaks Gasket Fix, there’s absolutely no reason why your life or car should be on the sidelines because of a mere head gasket problem.

This low-end 25 ounce product has some selling points which distinguishes it from the BlueDevil 38386 model and make it one of the best money can buy.

First up, it requires not more than 15 minutes of installation/downtime unlike the BlueDevil sealant which requires in excess of 2 hours. Also, this Bar’s Leaks product requires no flush at all. Lastly, each sealant comes with a money-back guarantee.

The manufacturers, Bar’s Leaks, a U.S. company, has been in the business of producing award winning and affordable stop leak brands since 1947. According to Bar’s Leaks, at least 2 million of the product have gone on sale since it first got to the market in 2004.

The Bar’s Leaks 1111 model is so easy to use that in less than 30 minutes, you may decide to put your repaired car back to road.

The sealing liquid in this product comprises of powerful sodium silicate that hardens up like glass after its application. The solution is compatible with antifreeze and can permanently fix leakages in your head gasket.

The product has the capacity to work in both diesel and gasoline engines.

The recommended application dosages for this product are as follows: 1 bottle for 1.5 to 4 gallons cooling systems and half of the bottle content for 1 to 1.5 gallons cooling system.

What you would like

  • Product comes with money-back guarantee
  • Fix will take no more than 30 minutes
  • Easy to use
  • You do not need to drain cooling system and antifreeze before application
  • Product very cheap but effective

What you may dislike

  • Product can only fill small tiny leakages


3. Permatex 80062 Gasket Sealant

This is a multipurpose, fast-drying sealant that can work at maximum temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit and minimum of -65 degrees Fahrenheit.

The liquid solution consists of a blend of resin and elastomers, it is not a quantity product. The liquid content measures 4 ounce and despite its quality, it comes dirt-cheap around $9-15 on online stores, depending on market strategy.

When applied on gasket surface, the ‘High Tack’ silicone-made adhesive bonds to a tacky non-slippery and non-brittle form. The dry solution does well to resist penetration of gasoline, kerosene, gas, antifreeze, oil, axle lube and other similar substances.

Provided you follow instructions on the Specification Sheet, the product will have no problem sealing firmly in place cut gaskets and give your car extra thousands of miles on the road.

The translucent red vicious Permatex High Tack solution has capacity to work effectively on composite or paper gaskets, rubber, electric terminals and wires, manifold gasket, carburetors, corks, hose connections and valve covers. It can give a reliable proof to water for spark plugs, electric terminals and wirings.

If you would like to get this stuff, you may need to be quick as the online retailers had limited products in stock as at time of writing this article.

What you would like

  • Product applies easily
  • It dries up so fast
  • It is impermeable by fluids or gas
  • Can work effectively in extreme temperatures
  • Product is highly recommended by users
  • It comes with warranty
  • Amazon offers free delivery on eligible purchases
  • It has multiple functions
  • It is affordable

What you may dislike

  • Product is quite messy to use


4. BlueDevil Pour-N-Go Sealer

BlueDevil Pour-N-Go SealerThis 16 oz. BlueDevil head gasket sealant unsurprisingly makes it into our listicle. Purchasing and following the instructions, the product fixes your blown or cracked head gasket, saving you time and money for mechanical repair.

All you just need is pour it in your radiator and go! It stays inert in the cooling system until it gets to the point of leak after which it forms a strong chemical weld and permanent seal on defective head gasket surface.

Just like the 38386 brand, it is easy to use for any DIY automobile owner/repairer who doesn’t know the basics of engines. It works, most times at first attempts, on any 4 or V-6 cylinder engine.

It can permanently fix blown head gaskets and at worst, it gives at least a couple of months or years added life to your car. With $30 or less, you can fix your head gasket. Something that could shed you thousands of dollars at the automobile repairer’s store.

The product forms a permanent fix not only on leaking gaskets but also on, radiators, heater cores and freeze plugs, saving you money from replacing the faulty components. Before application, you do not need to flush or remove thermostat.

This product can seal aluminums, alloys, plastics and metals. It is also compatible for both diesel and gas engines. It doesn’t cause clogs in your engine and contains no particulates.

However, process of application may take hours of downtime.

You should note that Blue Devil doesn’t authorize sales of its products to many online retail stores.

What you would like

  • Your vehicle is road-ready 2 hours after application
  • Product can get your car engine an added 5,000 miles travel distance
  • When bought at authorized stores, product is 100 percent guaranteed
  • Easy-to-use product
  • Manufacturers have high level of trust and are highly recommended by users
  • Product is very affordable
  • Product is compliant to ASTMI D3147 and ASTMI D1181

What you may dislike

  • Product rates a miserable 3.2 out of 5 despite testimonies of many users
  • Works on small tiny leakages
  • Verified users reported that this product killed their engine
  • Product may leave gasket noisy
  • Product worked for many, didn’t work for some
  • It is hard to get money back from manufacturers in case product fails


5. Steel Seal 8-cylinder engine sealer

Steel Seal 8-cylinder engine sealerThis Steel Seal product is the most expensive in our list. Spending under $200 for an easy to conduct fix which takes less than an hour and requires no stress should be a considerable choice. Or would you rather have your vehicle sidelined for days while accumulating thousands in repair fees at your mechanic shop?

The 160 ounce-weighing-product is so trusted that thousands of automobile repair stores nationwide use it nationwide – except for the few who don’t know their onions.

It permanently fixes broken, blown or cracked head gaskets, freeze plugs and heater cores. There’s no need to fuss about having mechanical knowledge, if you know how to follow instructions, you can DIY. After application, the solution dries up minutes after.

Despite their positive reputation, Steel Seal doesn’t give you a 100 percent assurance that the Steel Seal 8CYL001 model will definitely repair every leaking head gasket like most manufacturers claim.

For a high-end head gasket sealer, the product works for virtually 95% of users. But should it unfortunately not work for you, as the defective gasket may be too blown out for adhesive-fixing, you may decide to initiate the money-back term.

This is a term the company complies to without any hassle nor need for paperwork, as far as it is within first month of purchase. If, initially, the product works and then fails during continued use of your vehicle after repair, Steel Seal will send to you a free one-time replacement with no added cost.

However, if you could detect the defect early enough, the product has one of the highest success rates in the market to get your head gasket fixed.
What you would like

  • With the product, you can fix your blown head gasket yourself
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • No paperwork needed to initiate a money-back term. Just contact their tech-support and you will get a refund
  • You can ask for refund just in case it doesn’t work for your purpose
  • Product can repair 8-cylinder engines

What you may dislike

  • It is one of the most expensive head gasket sealer available in the market
  • Solution not compatible with antifreeze


What we think

Replacing or repairing your vehicle’s head gasket at the automobile repair stores may be really costly and time consuming. This is why we recommended 5 of the head gasket sealers that are usable by yourself without the need for an expert.

We discover throughout the market research for this article that while these products worked for many, it didn’t work for many others. However, we suggest you make sure you use this option when you detect the problem early enough. And when you choose a head gasket sealer, make sure to follow the instructions.

It is highly recommended that you buy from manufacturers with money-back guarantees just in case any product you chose fails. Considering their relatively low prices, they are worth trying out especially when they come with guarantees.

You should also endeavor to check out customer reviews on the manufacturer’s website and online stores before you order for or choose to buy any head gasket sealer.

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