5 Best Diesel Fuel Additive To Buy With Reviews

Introducing the Best Diesel Fuel Additive

Best Diesel Fuel AdditiveThe high prices of fuels like diesel have made people start thinking about how to reduce the effect that the price hike is having on their wallets. Lots of tips on how to increase the mileage of your gas abound online, but what else can you do?

For a few years now, some products are being sold online (or off-line) which promise how anyone can get more mileage. These products, known as additives, come in various forms; some are compatible with diesel engines, while others are compatible with gasoline engines. As a matter of fact, some additives possess dual properties, which implies that you can use them for either diesel or gasoline engines without incurring any negative repercussions.

Some of these additives promise the world, but how do you know if such claims are true or authentic? Some of these fuel additives claim to improve your mileage by up to 90% and all that. But how can one confirm the authenticity of such claims?

The truth of the matter is that some of these fuel additives do work as advertised. But the biggest problem is that the additives have been hyped to the extent that lots of people have begun to question the validity of such claims and have decided not to give these fuel additives a try.

Therefore, what can one do to find the best diesel fuel additive to use? You should check if the fuel additive you have your sights on has proper documentation as well as in-depth information to back up its claims. If the companies selling the fuel additives possess unbiased and sufficient data from third party sources and are willing to share the information with the public, all the better.

How long have these additives been tested, and under what climatic conditions? Will the diesel fuel additive be as useful as it claims to be in summer and winter seasons respectively? These are a few of the questions you should consider asking yourself when you come across some of these claims of miracles by fuel additives.

All things considered, there are several good additives on the market that you should consider purchasing in these tough economic times which would be of immense benefit to your diesel-powered engines.

Some of these fuel additives are more effective to use in winter and will assist in reducing the gelling of fuel which is a major challenge faced by users of machinery during the cold months. Don’t wait until the increase in the price of fuel hits the roof before making a move to consider buying your diesel fuel additive. At the end of it all, your diesel engine will thank you for it.


1. Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment

Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment

This fuel treatment goes along with the federal requirements for reduced sulfur content for use in non-road, marine, and locomotive diesel machinery as well as in motor vehicles that run on diesel engines. The Lucas Fuel treatment is a potent blend of additives and oils that does not contain any solvent and efficiently increases fuel and power mileage as well as reduces exhaust emissions as a result of complete combustion.

This Fuel Treatment is formulated for both diesel and gasoline engines, fuel injected or carbureted which utilizes its blends of additives and oils which give rise to a great detergent action which makes engines to run optimally.

If what you need for your diesel or gasoline engines is thorough cleaning and lubrication of injectors or carburetor which results in an increase in the efficient burning of fuel and a resultant increase in power and reduced consumption of fuel, then the Lucas Fuel Treatment is for you.


2. Power Service 1080-06

Power Service 1080-06

The +Cetane Boost Diesel Fuel Supplement is mostly used during the cold months of winter as it works efficiently as an anti-gel, thus preventing the gelling of fuel as well as prohibiting the plugging of fuel filters with wax. The diesel additive is composed primarily of an Arctic formula which efficiently treats diesel fuels for excellent winter operability and trouble-free running of equipment.

This fuel supplement can even be used when the temperature drops below 300 Fahrenheit. It is highly effective in preventing winter breakdowns, clogging of injectors as well as the wearing out of fuel pumps or injectors. If you want to experience the best results, use the fuel supplement in every tank to put a stop to the formation of wax crystals which could plug up fuel filters. It also helps to separate diesel fuel from water and prevents frozen or cloudy fuel lines.

3. Howes 103060 ‘Diesel Treat’ Diesel Conditioner

Howes 103060 ‘Diesel Treat’ Diesel Conditioner

The Howes ‘Diesel Treat’ Diesel Conditioner is one of the best diesel additives on the market. It assists in lowering the cold filter plug point of base fuel at close to 20 degrees. The ‘Diesel Treat’ also offers superior protection from cold weather and is effective and safe to use in all biodiesel and diesel blends to B-21.

This diesel fuel additive also has the innate capacity to conserve fuel by increasing the fuel and power economy and even puts a stop to the gelling of fuel. It’s guaranteed to make any gelling problems you might have experienced a thing of the past.

Howes Diesel Conditioner works better than several competing products as it does not disperse water into fuel filters. It is one of the best diesel fuel additives to use, both in summer and winter.


4. Liqui Moly 2002 Super Diesel Additive

Liqui Moly 2002 Super Diesel Additive

The Moly Super Diesel Additive offers a lot of excellent engine performance when used and makes diesel engines to start quickly and run quietly. It is known as being very effective in reducing diesel knocking and is the best when it comes to cleaning the injection system as well as the engine itself.

The Lubro-Moly Diesel additive minimizes wear as well as corrosion and is appropriate for use with diesel fuels containing low sulfur. Turbochargers and the Lubro-Moly diesel additive are compatible, which is why the additive is the best choice for diesel engines in passenger or commercial vehicles, stationary engines as well as construction machinery.

Users of this fuel additive have authenticated the fact that it is conspicuously excellent in preserving engines, all the more so during prolonged periods of non-usage under severe conditions. The added benefit of using this fuel additive is that there will be a reduction in the buildup of carbon in the combustion chamber and ensures that your fuel injectors remain clean.


5. Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Additive

Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Additive

When you make use of Performance Formula, you will enjoy increased horsepower as a result of the cleaning of the injector system which enhances combustion, power, as well as acceleration. At the same time, the consumption of fuel by your diesel engine reduces drastically as independent tests have revealed close to 4% improvement in miles per gallon and gains that are up to about 9.5%.

The Performance Formula also contains cetane improving properties which ensure that your diesel engines start without any waste of time as a result of improved combustion, thus reducing engine noise and smooth running.

This diesel fuel additive meets all the requirements for engine fuel systems, which implies that it will not cause any damage to exhaust systems. The Performance Formula is formulated specially to be used with extremely low sulfur fuel and is effective in reducing the emission of smoke as well as particulates.



But is there any significant benefit attached to using diesel fuel additives? Let us check out the following advantages of using fuel additives:

Advantages of Using Diesel Fuel Additives

  • Diesel fuel additives enhance the temperature as well as the speed of burning diesel, which enables the vehicle to function more efficiently and also provides more power and energy.
  • Fuel additives are efficient when it comes to improving the manner in which fuel is burnt. This increased efficiency enhances the performance of diesel engines.
  • Diesel fuel additives are superb at cleaning the injectors which are also instrumental to the smooth functioning of the machinery.
  • Most additives are composed of several components, and the exceptionally good ones contain one form of lubricant or the other, which helps diesel engines to operate efficiently, thus reducing wear and tear. When an engine does not suffer wear and tear, it tends to run longer as well as minimize the cost of maintenance.
  • Some additives comprise of corrosion inhibitors which also help in prolonging the lifespan of an engine by collaboratively working with lubricants to prevent moving metal parts of engines from corroding.
  • Diesel fuel additives engender improved fuel economy as a result of a drastic reduction in repairs and running costs.
  • With the use of fuel additives, the reliability of trucks or vehicles that use diesel engines will soar since these vehicles will be able to spend more time on the move.
  • Lots of firms require driving in cold countries or during winter periods to deliver goods to retailers or consumers. When the weather is freezing, there is a high risk of breakdown for diesel-powered vehicles.  This is as a result of the crystallization of diesel which in turn, prevents the flow of fuel around the engine. When this happens, the vehicle becomes almost useless.
  • Due to the vast difference in the quality of petroleum products from one country to another, you will be making a huge mistake if you rely on them. But by making use of fuel additives, you will be sure to not only improve the quality of fuel but also ensure that your engines function at optimum levels of operation.

So, these are just some of the benefits of using diesel fuel additives to improve the lifespan of your engine and to ensure optimum operability.

There you have it; five of the best diesel fuel additives in the market which will improve the performance of your diesel engines throughout winter and beyond. Pick any one of these fuel additives and your diesel engines will be eternally grateful for it.

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