We all want our cars to be in their best condition which is why we take care of it engines and parts but what about the outer appearance of your car? While there are plenty of car wash shops that offer to keep your cars clean, it is not always easy for us to take our cars there.

best Car wash soap

So what do you do? You can wash your own car of course and you can only do this with the best car wash soap that you can find in the market. In order for you to find the right kind, it is important that you are educated on the different kinds of car soap.

And so, it is our privilege to show you the top five car soaps that you can choose from and why you need to use them. So if you are ready, let us begin!

Top 5 Best Car Wash Soap to buy

1Chemical Guys CWS301 Citrus4.4 of 5 starsSuper High1 GallonCheck Price
2Mothers 05664 California Gold 4.7 of 5 starsHigh64 oz.Check Price
3Meguiar's G7164 Gold Class 4.7 of 5 starsSuper High 64 ozCheck Price
4Griot's Garage 108664.6 of 5 starsSuper High64 ozCheck Price
5Adam’s Polishes Car Shampoo4.6 of 5 starsSuper High16ozCheck Price

Now for those of you who are planning to wash their own cars, buying any of these car soaps can help you a lot. Not only are you going to save money from constantly going to the car wash shops but you can clean your car as thoroughly as you want. Here are the top five car soaps that you can choose from:

1. Chemical Guys CWS301 Citrus Concentrated

Chemical Guys CWS301 Citrus Concentrated

If you are big fan of biodegradable car soaps then this is the product you need. This best car wash soap is known for being safe to use as it does not contain any harmful chemicals that can damage your car. Not only will it clean your car well but it will also provide you with a glossy finish that you will love.

This product is citrus based and can provide you with tons of suds that will help lubricate your car as it removes the dirt from it. A cap of this soap can do well in five gallons of water. It is concentrated and yet super effective which makes it one of the best in the market today.

It also has no artificial coloring, additives or thickening and has a lemony scent that you will surely love. One galloon of this product can last to a year so you can definitely safe money.

What We Like:

  • It is safe to use.
  • It is can work with high water pressure.
  • It provides your car with that shiny finish.
  • It’s highly concentrated so you don’t have to use much in order to get the suds you need.
  • It is very effective in cleaning of the dirt and grime off your car.
  • It’s an excellent car wash to use every day if you need to.
  • It’s affordable.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Leaves soapy residue once dried.
  • Orders can arrive with leaks or holes in it that many customers have complained about.

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2. Mothers 05664 California Gold Car Wash

Mothers 05664 California Gold Car Wash

Mothers 05664 is an excellent choice if you are someone who needs a cheap but effective car soap to use. It is made with powerful cleaning ingredients that does not only help clean your car but also protects the paint from dullness.

It is also created with balanced pH so it is safe to use even if you wash your car every day. The formula can provide you with tons of suds that is resistant to water spotting. It also results to shiny finish without compromising the wax of your car.

What We Like:

  • It is cheap compared to other brands in the market.
  • It’s safe to use and is effective in removing dirt from your car.
  • It does not remove the wax from your car.
  • It’s safe to use every day.
  • It has balanced pH that protects your car’s color.
  • It is concentrated so you only need a little amount to wash your car.
  • It can provide your car with high glossy finish.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is sudsy at first but does not last for a long time.
  • It dries on car quickly.
  • Water spots are visible after use.

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3. Meguiar’s G7164 Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner

Meguiar's G7164 Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner

You will surely enjoy using Meguiar’s G7164 as it is made to gently wash and condition the car so the car paint remains vibrant. This premium formula provides you with rich suds that are gentle and safe to use especially if you are someone who often track on dirt roads.

It can easily remove tough dirt and grime while leaving your car fresh looking. Meguiar designed this car soap to help clear away the debris on your car while keeping the color as vibrant as it was first painted. It is also biodegradable so you know that it is safe to use. It is also safe to use on all types of paint without compromising the wax protection.

What We Like:

  • It is sold at an affordable price.
  • Provides thick foaming that is ideal when washing car.
  • Makes your car very shiny.
  • It is a good alternative for your usual brand of car soap.
  • It has long lasting suds.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It left waxy/filmy substances on the car after use.
  • There are other cheaper brands that could get the job done.

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4. Griot’s Garage 10866 Brilliant Finish Car Wash

Griot's Garage 10866 Brilliant Finish Car Wash

If you want something that is easy to use then this car soap from Griot’s will do the job for you. It contains the right pH formula that your car needs without damaging the wax protection of your car.

It is safe to use as it is designed to be biodegradable which makes it environment-friendly. If you want a car soap that is sudsy then this is the brand for you. It is excellent in removing dirt and grime from your car and saves you extra effort when cleaning it.

It also has a pleasant smell that you will love. A bottle that is 64 ounces is enough to last you 6 months so you don’t have to buy car soap all the time.

The high glossy finish is what makes this car soap a favorite among users. It’s easy to apply and rinse so you don’t have to worry about soap suds residue.

What We Like:

  • It is safe to use.
  • It’s biodegradable.
  • It has a wonderful watermelon scent that you will love.
  • It has high gloss finish.
  • It is a high viscosity soap that can provide you with lots of foam.
  • It is easy to use and rinse off.
  • It’s sold at a reasonable price.
  • Works really well in removing dirt and grime.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Customers complained about leaky and punctured bottles arriving after they have ordered from the company. In case this happens to you, make sure to contact the company immediately so it can be replaced right away.

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5. Adam’s Polishes Car Shampoo

Adam’s Polishes Car Shampoo

This product is simply made for cars as they are safe to use. It also provides a ton of foam so you can wash the dirt away.

It also comes in several sizes so you don’t have to worry about how much you need to use. This car shampoo is made with neutral pH so it does not harm the pain of your car. Since it is concentrated, you don’t need to use much as it can provide you with the best foam when washing your vehicle.

The best thing about this is that it doesn’t leave any swirling marks on your car so you know that the results are excellent. To have an even better outcome, the company advises users to make use of power polishers so your car comes out as shiny as it can be.

What We Like:

  • It comes with a lovely scent that leaves your car smelling fresh even after wash.
  • It has gentle pH that helps maintain the color of your car.
  • You only need to use a few ounces when cleaning your car.
  • It gives plenty of foaming.
  • It is cheaper compared to other brands.
  • Works really well in removing dirt.

What We Don’t Like:

  • There are no serious complaints from customers.

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Benefits of Washing Your Own Car

Before we give you the top five picks that we have, it is important that you know why you should wash your own car first. This way you can decide if you need to do it on your own or not. Here’s why:

  • You can save money. You don’t have to go to the car wash shop to have your car cleaned every other day. Keep in mind that the ones washing your car is a machine, so it might not be as clean as you thought it would be.
  • You don’t need to buy car soap all the time. These soaps are usually concentrated so you don’t have to really buy a new gallon of it every week. In fact, you only need one or two caps in 3 or 5 gallons of water and you are good to go.
  • You get to clean every part of your car. Compared to machines, you get to see which part of your car is the dirtiest so you can also focus on that area when cleaning. Cleaning your own car is more effective compared to machines as you get to see your car in details.

Helpful Tips When Washing Your Car

There are plenty of people I know who prefer to wash their own car instead of going to a car shop. This is also for the reason that some of them love washing it on their own, they are keen on every nook and cranny of their cars or they want to experience how to wash it.

Now if you are one of these and are planning to wash your own car, it is important that you know the dos and donts before even washing one. This way you know what to avoid and what to do. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Cars with dirt build up are harder to clean. It doesn’t really matter how you remove it but it could cause damage to your car if you are not careful. Of course this is a ridiculous situation, who leaves their car unattended and dirty? If you don’t want dirt to build up, it is best to wash your car regularly. This way you can remove the dirt as early as possible.
  • You can use dish washing soap but remember that this can remove the wax on your car. Keep in mind also that dish washing liquid soaps are not designed to clean cars so it is possible that your car will look dull after using one so I won’t really recommend you to use this.
  • If you can, use hand cloth to dry your car. Automatic brushes that you see in car shops are okay but only if you don’t have the time to wash your car and dry it. However I would still recommend that you dry your car by hand with the proper cloth for it.
  • Don’t use bath towels when drying your car. Choose a towel that is made with micro fibers or chenille. These are excellent choices for drying your car and they will not leave lint on your car that will scratch your paint off.
  • Make sure that your car does not have any soap or water marks. This will make your car look like it was not properly washed and dried.


So should you wash your car?

If you ask me, I prefer washing my car on my own. For one, it is yours so you need to take care of it. While having it cleaned in the car shop is good, washing it on your own gives you a better idea on how your car looks like from the inside out.

You can even see the parts that need extra washing or if there are damaged parts, you can have it replaced right away. It saves you money too and you get to do in your own yard, free of charge.

Of course if you have the money then go ahead and have it washed in the nearest car shop that you can find but if you want to save money then you can just go and pick out the best car wash soap from our list.

It’s easier, cheaper and you get to know your car even better. Sounds like a good deal to me! Of course you always decide not to but then again, the choice is yours. We hope that you find this review helpful, enjoy!


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